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Tips For Maintaining Human Hair Extensions

The word maintenance is used severally and in many cases, but very few people understand what it means. In our daily lives, maintenance is paramount in many things like phones, computers among others. Human hair extension is one of the things that maintenance is paramount. Maintenance makes sure that your products and things had a long life and shielded from damage thus saving a lot of money.  However, not many people know how to maintain hair extensions. A lot of reasons make people wear hair extensions, but few of them take the time to maintain the extensions despite that it is a part of their bodies. 

There are two types of clip & go hair extensions namely human and synthetic. Human hair extension is a very common in women and men also do but rarely. These are beauty products used in daily life to make the hair thick and add beauty. The fact that they are expensive means that a lot of care is required for them. Once they are maintained, they can give you long service and, you will always look good in them. Some ways are very useful in maintaining your hair extension to get the best of it. Clean your hair extension before you attach them to your scalp. People may help you install them, or you can do it yourself but remember to wash them in either way. Washing your hair once a week is recommended. Many salons offer good services of hair installation and cleaning and visiting them will make it possible for you to get professional services. When you wash your hair, avoid massaging the scalp. Conditioning happens from bottom to top. 

Styling your hair is determined by the type of lengthening tool that you have. Most of the styling tools can perform on your real hair. It requires a lot of care, especially when using certain types of human hair extensions. You can also put your hair into braids, ponytails or buns and you can still ask your stylist for proper advice. Click here for more details.

To maintaining the shine of your hair extension, you need to weave them before you go to sleep. Leaving the extensions intact in one position helps them to stay untangled. Do not braid your hair too tightly which can cause discomfort. It is not recommended to go swimming when still having your extensions. The reason to that is that the chemicals found in the swimming might be damaging to your hair. If it is a must you wear them during swimming hours, make sure you wash them after leaving the swimming.