Best Hair Extensions

Tips for Choosing the Best Premium Hair Extensions

Usually, hair extensions enable women to add color and length to their natural hair without making any commitments or damaging the hair. There are many types of hair extensions to choose from and it is a difficult choice for most first time users. The best source to help you find the perfect shade as well as the tone of the extension is a professional hair stylist but there are tips here that will help you find the best premium La Crowne hair extensions. 

You have the option of human and synthetic hair when deciding on the best hair extensions. Human hair costs more than synthetic and it is advisable that you make the extra investment. Human hair usually lasts longer and you will be able to cut and style it the way you would your hair when it is natural. Synthetic hair on the other hand, you should avoid using heat such a blow dryers and curling irons as it is going to get damaged in an instant. 

Remy hair extensions are the other option you could explore and these ones bundle human hair to ensure that the roots and ends face the right direction. These are usually considered the best premium hair extensions because they are fine, healthy and the cuticles are intact. You will find that the cuticles once attached make the hair look more natural unlike the other types of hair extensions which look stripped. When finding the best color to match, you should go for extensions that are unnoticeable. This means that your natural hair should easily blend with the extension. It is therefore important that you ensure that you get the right hair color in the first place. At the moment, many companies are helping women find the right shade because of the wide variety of colors they now make.

There are different application methods that are available when it comes to clip in hair extensions. The different options include sew-ins, fusion, micro-link and tape-in. The most cost effective one is the sew-in method but it tends to damage fine European hair. The most recommended style is the fusion and it tends to be pricier but gentler compared to the rest. When taking care of the hair extensions, you will not have to do any extra maintenance. If you are to preserve the hair extensions, you should avoid things like tugging or yanking during brushing of your hair. Use any kind of hair product you would like.